Calgary Stampede Showband - News Release

February 22, 2012Announcement

2012.02.22 - Amazing Summer Tour Announcement

We are proud to announce the Showband’s return to the Land of Rising Sun for it’s 2013 Summer Tour! This will be the band’s fourth trip to Japan, with the last time being 15 years ago in 1997.

The band will be participating in the 2013 WAMSB Championships in Chiba City Japan. The 2013 World Championships will feature multiple bands from around the world at various events in and around the Chiba Prefecture.

WAMSB is a competitive marching band association that helps promotes positive musical activities with marching and parade bands throughout the world.  The Calgary Stampede Showband is an active member of WAMSB and has not performed in a competitive circuit outside of North America since 2009.

This tour will be a great way to conclude a year of hard work together.  Additional events on the tour will include performances at area attractions, Tokyo Disneyland, Yamaha Japan, and other cultural experiences.